At Barbador, we passionately believe that Google’s solutions for the Enterprise can provide your business the ability to carve out a competitive edge, innovate, simplify and transform to generate significant value.

Once you understand what is possible, you will look for a leading global brand and a local partner to make this happen for  your business. Our job is to be the experts in Google’s enterprise technologies so you don’t have to, and assist you in leveraging  the power of Google’s technologies to unlock your information assets and get people working together in real time.

Barbador is part of the Optimation group of companies, a group offering the full spectrum of professional services to integrate business processes and systems to achieve the outcomes you are seeking.  Optimation specialise in the enterprise solution lifecycle, from business design through to delivery and long-term support. They design and integrate business processes and systems to create clear value paths through an increasingly complex IT ecosystem. Optimation's end-to-end outcomes focus brings together strategy, people, processes, and platforms to achieve mutual and sustainable business advantage. For more information on Optimation go to